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RavenCroft Garden is a rare gem in the midst of surrounding city, suburban and rural landscapes. We are an Educational Center, Connecting People Plants and the Earth. RavenCroft offers a unique opportunity to experience and learn from the life of a “croft”, a small -holding of land that is able to sustain the life upon it, from the smallest microbe to a human family. By learning to work with nature we have learned to cultivate personal, community and global health. Join us, meet the plants and share in the wisdom and knowledge to Cultivate Life!

Look for all our educational programs, day workshops, herb walks and our Healing from the Ground Up apprenticeship programs in 2008! In 2007 we are taking a sabbatical to renew, restore and be re-inspire. Keep in touch and sign up for our Walking Seeds Newsletter. See you in 2008!

Great holiday gifts! Unique, healing and natural...garden fresh, local plants...time honored practices...infused with love...delightful. Give hand crafted herbal products, cherished by thousands for over twenty years! Available online in 2007.

Visit the croft in 2008! In 2007 RavenCroft is dormant, a time to go back to our roots and nourish the seeds of our vision. Look for Garden Opens, Seasonal Celebrations and Moon Circles next year in 2008. Keep in touch and sign up for our Walking Seeds Newsletter.

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